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About Bleaching & Whitening

You may have noticed that your teeth aren't "as white as they used to be."  Over time, teeth commonly turn a shade of yellow.  This can be due to many factors including diet, smoking, coffee, tea, colas, wine, etc.  Fortunately, there is an easy solution.
"Home bleaching" is a very popular cosmetic procedure.  It is a simple, conservative, and effective method to whiten your natural teeth.  You will typically see dramatic results within two weeks.  In the spectrum of cosmetic dental procedures, whitening is an economical way to achieve a remarkably improved smile.
It should be noted that your existing fillings, bondings, or crowns will not change color and may need to be replaced to match your new, whiter teeth.
The products available in stores are typically around the same cost in the long run and not nearly as effective as the methods available at the dental office.  Store bought whitening methods are only half as effective as those we offer.  We can help you to determine the best whitening system based on your needs and the results you desire.

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