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About Crowns & Caps

Do you have large stained fillings?  Do you have existing crowns that are dark at the gum line or look unnatural?
Our goal is to place crowns that look and feel like your own natural teeth.  Many of our patients cannot detect which teeth have had crowns.
You may need a crown for the following reasons:
  • Your tooth has a large cavity
  • Your tooth has had root canal therapy
  • Your tooth has a large, weak filling
  • To replace a failing or unacceptable existing crown
  • For cosmetic improvement
The trend is towards reducing or eliminating metal in dentistry.  The All-Ceramic Crowns are state of the art.  They appear very natural and have the advantage of being bonded to the tooth for strength.  Since there is no metal substructure, they don't have the "black line syndrome" at the gum line.

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